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We partner with businesses, facilities, and campuses of all sizes to provide custom janitorial solutions that meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team has the expertise, training, resources, and support that are required to maintain the highest level of quality in your facility.

janitorial services Detailed and Well Defined SOW (Scope of Work) There is an art to delivering services that are exactly what is needed during every service. We work closely with our customer to define the desired SOW. We can help you improve quality and still save money by utilizing efficient cleaning strategies. Some areas need daily service, while others may need to be done weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. Our teams utilize a customized checklist during every visit to ensure that we keep your facility looking top-notch. janitorial services AMP
(Annual Maintenance Plan)
Our goal for every facility/campus is to have a “set it and forget it” annual plan. The plan defines what happens daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. You’ll no longer need to worry about missing floor services, window cleanings, carpet cleanings, etc. They are documented and tracked to ensure the right amount of service is delivered on time every time.
janitorial services Customized Solutions Every facility is unique regardless of size. Every customer has a unique set of expectations and goals. We will help you define these and deliver services that match your exact needs. janitorial services Supplies/Consumables Inventory Control Your business deserves your full attention. We will be happy to help handle the tasks that keep your staff and facility operating smoothly. We have proven processes for managing inventory, supplies, consumables, etc. We can work with your team to determine ideal quantities for every location. Let us worry about this so you don’t have to. janitorial services Implementation Strategy Over the years we have developed a very powerful implementation strategy that guides us and our customer through the startup process for any facility. This process starts before we ever begin service with developing a SOW, ordering equipment, and having our leadership team in your facility. It guides us through the first several weeks of service. It includes consistent communication with our customer to make necessary adjustments and fine tune the services that we will provide.
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